Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Tracker

Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Tracker

I decided to learn a bit about programming apps for Android, so I tried to create an app to make up for a missing feature in Guild Wars 2 – there is no decent way to track which paths in each dungeon you have already completed.

This app is a simple list which you can tick off every available path as you complete them.

If you want to check out the app, it is available here.

GW2 Dungeon Tracker on Nexus 5

Twilight Arbor Forward complete – only that pesky Aetherpath to do now. LFG anyone?

The idea is pretty simple – each dungeon has a drop down section that appears when clicked on, showing you which paths (and their commonly used name) are left to do. Once you have completed one, you click the path, it becomes struck through and a toast appears. Once all paths in a dungeon are complete, the whole dungeon section is struck through.

I tried to keep the theme light, as the idea is quite text heavy.

Each section is accented with an icon of the token you receive for completing the explorable path: Seals of Beetletun for Caudecus’s Manor, Deadly Blooms for Twilight Arbor, etc. For the story modes, I used the general achievement symbol.

As an additional bit of information, the level requirements of the dungeon are listed just below the dungeon section heading.


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