Projects I’ve worked on, past and present

C++ Utilities

This is my ongoing collection of C++ utilities, functions, and structures that I’ve written over the course of many other projects. I’ve included everything that I think I will use again in future projects, or contains something I think is clever (and probably will forget). Find it here  

MMO Controller

Unreal Engine: MMO-style controller

For the last little while I’ve been teaching myself Unreal Engine. Recently, Epic Games made it completely free to use for anyone, which I think is an absolutely amazing idea. It could possibly be fundamental for pushing video games even further by getting future developers hooked.

Karmabot for Slack

I set up a Slack client for our research group, and it was decided we needed a way to keep track of all the stupid (and clever…) things that people do, in the form of points. Believe me, there are a lot of stupid things we do. The solution was an additional script I wrote … Continue reading Karmabot for Slack

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