Karmabot for Slack: mini project

I’ve not updated the site in a while, so I thought I’d add one of the mini side projects I’ve worked on last year.

At about the same time I was looking up ways to improve our research groups communication, some of the other members of the group were keeping track of the “stupid” things that they’d done each day. Like claiming equipment was broken without properly turning it on, silly things like that.

Slack seemed like a good platform for communication, and I found out that you could write bots for it too…. so adding these two fun activities together lead to me writing a script for Hubot on Slack that keeps track of our stupidity and cleverness.

Here is the project page and the github page!

The script is simple to read and there is only a little set up for it, so please feel free to use this script on your own Slack set-ups!

Currently one of our stupid group members is sitting at -4 (4 stupid points and 0 clever points), while I’m at an even 0 (1 clever point and 1 stupid point). Although that is currently the same score as our Slack bot, known as Stupidbot…