Sorting, trees, and Reborn

I haven’t updated this site in a little while – and I should do more regularly. I thought I’d get this ball rolling by writing something short about what I’ve been up to this week.

Sorting and trees

In the world of C++ and brushing up on my coding skills, I’ve decided that I should revisit the ideas behind different sorting algorithms, as well as different implementations of tree structures. Quite some time ago I did cover this in a university course, but it was long enough ago that I have forgotten the majority of it.

The reason I’ve been looking at this is:

  1. I am always worried I’m not implementing my code in a smart way and could improve it
  2. Sorting and trees seem to crop up frequently in code tests for jobs

Implementing this in C++ has also been a great way to look at the built in libraries and the functions they provide, as well as becoming even more familiar with iterators.

There was some inspiration when someone linked me to too. Such an excellent website

Everything I’ve added so far is here on my github.

Software development styles

Out of interest and curiosity, I’ve been doing a small amount of research into software development style/principles, like agile, or scrum.

These are terms that I’ve seen thrown around the place, and have wondered for a while what they actually refer to. Its been interesting reading the ideas behind these methodologies and what I think I would work well with. The agile-like ones all seem very appealing to me!

The PhD

The project continues. Work would be faster if I didn’t keep finding bugs in code significant enough to have to re-do days worth of analysis. Past-me is infuriatingly bad at spotting stupid mistakes, and the tests that I currently want to run take ~6 minutes each, and are repeated 1000 times.

DOTA2 Reborn

I’ve been playing around with the new editing tools for DOTA2 – they’re quite nifty. Hoping to design some alternate 3-lane map layouts, and I’ll make another post with some of my designs!


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