Creating an MMO-style controller VIII: Future Improvements

So we’ve completed our programming objectives! Is there anything left to cover? The overview and list of sections is in this post.

Our controller is good, but its by no means perfect. There are a few little quirks that need to be ironed out:

Strafing not so smoothly

Something a little strange happens when we go from strafing left to quickly strafing right. The character appears to flip direction very quickly.

A potential fix for this would require looking at our animation blend spaces, which would require having some specific animations for strafing.

Fortunately there are some game examples available from the Unreal Marketplace which have some assets to pinch! The First Person shooter has some assets, such as a 2D blend space for motion, that could be re-purposed for our use.

Statically rotating

When we rotate, the character does not move. It statically rotates around on the yaw axis. Its a bit strange looking.

To fix this requires an animation update, and perhaps another boolean flag to indicate that we are rotating. We’d then feed this into the state machine that blends motion in our character, so it could perform some kind of motion while rotating.

Right and mouse click together

In some MMO games, if you click and hold both the right and left mouse buttons, your character will begin moving forwards for as long as you hold these buttons down.

This sounds easy to implement, right? Well, in that case, I’ll leave this as an “exercise for the reader”

Anything else?

If you’ve noticed anything else about the controller that is odd, or want to suggest an improvement, feel free to leave a comment! I’d love to hear about any improvements that could be made to this work, since I’ll be using it in games I make.


5 thoughts on “Creating an MMO-style controller VIII: Future Improvements

  1. Im not sure this will reach you, due to the last update being just over 2 years ago, however I noticed that the left click, when I move the mouse UP and DOWN, to look up and down, that works fine.
    However, when I move the mouse LEFT and RIGHT, to look left and right, The camera also tries the rotate itself UP and DOWN, so it moves in a diagonal fashion.
    What can be done about this for a fix?


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  3. Hi man !

    Thanks for the greatly written tutorial. It’s very clear and nice 🙂
    I have one question tho. I’ve tried several approach for making the character walk with both mouse click, but without any success.
    Any input on this ? Or the full method ?

    Thanks !

    PS: sorry for the english, not my native language.


  4. Thank you so much for this! Took me a couple hours, but I managed to get this all working succesfully! Great place to start with what I am trying to do!


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